Reef Support LLC has created this payment page with the sole purpose of helping the Caribbean Speleological Society to collect their membership fees.

Reef Support LLC provides this payment page at no cost to CARIBSS with the exception of credit card processing and transfer costs.

Along the page, you will see references to “Nature fee”, “Marine Park”, “Park Rules” or similar terminology. The reason for you to read those references is because the main system frame was designed for a different purpose and it cannot be customized.

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The goals of the society are:

  • To protect, conserve and restore the natural, cultural, historic. esthetic, recreational and scientific values contained in the cave systems of the Caribbean Region for future generations.
  • To ensure that the conservation of these values is given priority in public decision making processes.
  • To ensure that residents and visitors to the Caribbean receive quality education and information about the importance and protection of the values contained in them.
  • To promote and ensure that the resources contained in these cave systems are used in a sustainable manner.
  • To ensure that human safety is given priority during all cave-related activities.


Caribbean Speleological Society
Kaya Platina 42

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba


About us

CARIBSS was founded in 2016 on the island of Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, by a diverse group of dedicated professionals who share a strong passion for different aspects of caves, including exploration, cultural heritage, ecology, geology and recreation, among others.

The mission of REEF SUPPORT LLC is to improve marine protected area effectiveness and build community support for MPAs by bring a collaborative approach that creates durable alliances between governments, resource managers, the private sector, conservation NGOs and other interests groups.

REEF SUPPORT LLC specializes in coalition building and conflict resolution surrounding natural resource management planning and policy issues in both terrestrial and marine environments.